STOP COVID & Viruses On Door Handles!

Think about how many times per day you grab a door handle...

Everytime you grab a door handle you pick up every germ and virus that EVERY person who touched it before you left behind! These include COVID and other nasty viruses. If you touch your face, eyes, nose or anything else that virus will likely infect you. The chances that people will take the time to clean and disinfect door handles often enough to prevent the spread of viruses is zero. Even if you cleaned it regurarly the very next person would infect it again.

What if you could install a door handle that disinfected itself and greatly slowed the spread of viruses and germs, would you be interested?

What if that door handle was also one of the most ergonomic and comfortable door latches ever designed...

The solution is here. Introducing the SOSS UltraLatch with Anti-Microbial finishes! These perfectly designed door latches are comfortable, easy to use, and now available with our anti-microbial finish!

These latches use only a 1/2 inch of motion in a easy push/pull motion to unlatch and open a door. Our new anti-microbial finish in black and oil rubbed bronze will greatly reduce the viruses and germs left behind.

Check out the video below.

STOP Viruses Today


The sooner you install a SOSS UltraLatch with the Anti-Microbial finish the sooner you can stop spreading viruses and germs. Get it today!